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About the Locket Project

locket project Over 10 years ago, when we started our photography business, our vision was to do meaningful work and make a difference…especially to children.  As this project began to take life, we searched for the right organization to give hope and meaning to the unique and powerful relationship between mothers and daughters.  As we witnessed the strength of these women and children, we realized the significance of a strong and supportive role model in a child’s life. This realization brought us naturally to the Children’s Cove, an organization dedicated to helping children on Cape Cod who have been sexually and/or physically abused.

The creative sessions with each family was not only fun and inspiring, but also beautiful and insightful beyond what we ever could have imagined. We hope that you see the uniqueness, the joy and beauty in each portrait and that you celebrate with us the relationship we all have with powerful, loving and strong women that we hold in our hearts – past and present.

Thank you for your participation in making this a better community for our children.
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